Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Pine Acres Farm. . . .Pine City, MN. . . .612-390-1585

We're really excited about the quality of the kids we've had born this spring!  They're all 100% purebred fainting (myotonic) goats from registered, disease-tested parents.  If you're interested in any of them or have questions, please give a call at 612-390-1585 or you can message me, Mike Schmitz, from Facebook.

Discount available with multi-kid purchase.

It's getting late in the season so we've greatly reduced the prices on the doe kids.  These prices do not include registration.  Add $40 per goat if you would like a registration application with them.

This page is current as of 8/8/19.

AVAILABLE.  Doe kid born 3/26/19 to Lula Belle sired by Breakneck.  Quadruplet, blue eyes, disbudded.  $150

AVAILABLE.  Doe kid born 3/19/19 to Shasta sired by Mighty Bright.  Twin, amber eyes, disbudded.  $150

AVAILABLE.  Doe kid born 5/5/19 to Amarillo sired by Trump This.  Twin, amber eyes, disbudded.  $150

NOTE:  This little girl is extremely myotonic and will not be able to compete in a herd of more than a couple goats.