Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Pine Acres Farm. . . .Pine City, MN. . . .612-390-1585


For extensive pedigree information, please click on Pedigree Database at:  Most sire and dam names are links to photos. 
Weights and heights were all taken on 10/1/17.  Keep in mind the goat's age at that time.
B's Barn Clara Belle (retired)
MGR #A2295, 12/24/06, polled, blue eyes, twin. 24", 96 lbs
Moonlight Farms Wolfy x B's Barn Abby

Grand Champion Doe, 9/10, Winterset, IA
2nd in class (x2), 8/14, Pine City, MN
Pine Acres Celebrate
     MGR #C6900, 4/15/12, disbudded, amber eyes, twin.       22 1/2", 106 lbs
Pine Acres Dane x Pine Acres Siren

1st in class, 6/18, Springfield, IL
4th in class, 8/18, Princeton, MN

Pine Acres Shasta

MGR #C3019, 2/10/14, disbudded, amber eyes, triplet.  23", 86 lbs

PGCH Apache Landing Galaxy  x Pine Acres Hula

Raven's Rest Odessy

MGR #C6840, IFGA #CP-86881-H, 11/23/12, dehorned, amber eyes, single. 24 1/2", 118 lbs

HALR Ryder x Thunder Bay Ranch Danazu

Grand Champion Doe, show B, 8/17, Princeton, MN

Reserve Champ Senior Doe, show C, 8/17, Princeton, MN

Pine Acres Nicollet (Nikki)

MGR #C8775, 4/18/16, polled, amber eyes, twin. 22", 74 lbs

Pine Acres Sentinel x Thunder Bay Ranch Danazu

1st in class (x2), 9/16, Franklin, IN

Pine Acres Lula Belle

MGR #C0855.  Born 2/10/12, disbudded, blue eyes, quad.

Pine Acres Dane x B'x Barn Clara Belle

Pine Acres Winona

     MGR #C8777, 4/17/16, disbudded, blue eyes, single.  22 1/2", 82 lbs

Pine Acres Sentinel x Pine Acres Siren

Blueberry Acres Beltrami (Bel)
MGR #C8784, 12/13/15, disbudded, blue eyes, twin. 22", 84 lbs

Blueberry Acres buck x Pine Acres Celebrate

3rd in class, 6/17, Chariton, IA

Little Acres Pony Girl

MGR #C6700.  Born 4/3/14, disbudded, blue eyes, twin.

Green Pastures Chrome Wheels x Pine Acres Taylor

Pine Acres Celebrate Me Home

MGR #D2928.  Born 3/29/17, polled, brown eyes, twin.  43 lbs

Pine Acres Sentinel x Raven's Rest Lovie

Pine Acres Overcome
MGR pending.  Born 4/3/18, disbudded, amber eyes, twin.
Fern Hill Dark Side x Raven's Rest Odessy

Pine Acres Amarillo By Morning

MGR #D2936.  Born 3/30/17, disbudded, brown eyes, twin. 46 lbs

Fern Hill Dark Side x Pine Acres Windfall

Pine Acres Get Real

MGR pending.  Born 3/30/18, polled, amber eyes, single.

Fern Hill Dark Side x Moonlight Farms Mulberry