Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

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Pint Size Trump This

Born 12/1/16, twin, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #D1410.  I love my bucks - but this guy even more.  He comes with that special personality that Pint Size goats have AND he's amazingly put together.  Sire:  Pint Size Rocket Man.  Dam:  Pint Size SukiYaki.

Pine Acres Rock the Boat

Born 12/27/17, twin, disbudded, blue eyes.  MGR #D5840.  Rocky has developed wonderfully.  Muscles and personality!  Sire:  Pint Size Trivette.  Dam:  Blueberry Acres Beltrami (daughter of Pine Acres Celebrate).

3rd in class, 6/18, Springfield, IL

Pine Acres Amazing Joseph

Born 3/26/19, twin, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #E1706.  Joe may be the best goat we've created yet.  And he's got a personality to match.  Sire:  Jamcin's Packer.  Dam:  Blueberry Acres Beltrrami (daughter of Pine Acres Celebrate).

Pine Acres Hooray

Born 4/4/20, twin, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #E7943.  Hooray's parents are two of my favorite goats ever.  We'll see how he develops.  Sire:  Pint Size Trump This.  Dam:  Pine Acres Celebrate.