Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

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Pine Acres Breakneck
Born 2/10/14, triplet, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #C2531.  Breaker's hair hides thick muscles.  And a great personality.  Sire:  PGCH Apache Landing Galaxy.  Dam:  ResGrCh Pine Acres Hula.  27" tall, 155 lbs on 5/7/17.
2nd in class (x2), 8/14, Pine City, MN
1st in class, junior champion buck, 8/14, Pine City, MN
3rd in class, 9/14, Bloomington, IL

Pint Size Trump This

Born 12/1/16, twin, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #D1410.  I love my bucks - but this guy even more.  He comes with that special personality that Pint Size goats have AND he's amazingly put together.  Sire:  Pint Size Rocket Man.  Dam:  Pint Size Suki Yaki.  26" tall, 122 lbs on 9/6/18.

Jamcin's First Responder
Born 3/1/13, twin, polled, brown eyes.  MGR #B9211.  It's a delight to see this handsome guy in the buck pen.  Fred was bred and born in Missouri.  Sire:  Well's Code Blue.  Dam:  Spiritwood Ranch Pandora.  27 1/2", 152 lbs on 7/28/18.  Thanks to Cindy Lynn Huggins for the photo on the right!

Green Pastures Chrome Wheels
Born 2/9/12, disbudded, blue eyes.  MGR #B5247.  Chrome has nice conformation, a great personality, and fathers colorful kids.  He's a pleasure to have here!  Sire:  Woody Creek Farm Hot Wheels.  Dam:  Moonlight Farms Red Pearl.  137 lbs and 26 1/2" tall on 7/28/18.
Thanks, Connie Graham, for the photo on the left!
Grand Champion Buck, 8/14, Pine City, MN

Jamcin's Packer
Born 3/14/17, twin, disbudded, brown eyes.  MGR #D3161.  Packer has the conformation we love. He's got six Permanent Grand Champions close-up in his pedigree.  Sire: Bakkens' Farm Rolling Thunder.  Dam:  Powerhouse Genetics Bambi.  He was 22" tall and 84 lbs on 7/28/18.

Pine Acres Rock the Boat.  Born 12/27/17, twin, disbudded, blue eyes.  MGR #D5840.  Sire:  Pint Size Trivette.  Dam:  Blueberry Acres Beltrami (daughter of Pine Acres Celebrate)
3rd in class, 6/18, Springfield, IL

DoveStone Farm's Mighty Bright.  Born 2/4/18, twin, disbudded, blue eyes.  MGR #D6139.  Sire:  Libery Hills Color Me Bright.  Dam:  Pine Acres Pennington (Pine Acres Sentinel x Pine Acres Windfall)

Mighty Bright has been sold.