Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

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Pine Acres Breakneck
Born 2/10/14, triplet, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #C2531.  Breaker's hair hides thick muscles.  And a great personality.  Sire:  PGCH Apache Landing Galaxy.  Dam:  ResGrCh Pine Acres Hula.  27" tall, 155 lbs on 5/7/17.
2nd in class (x2), 8/14, Pine City, MN
1st in class, junior champion buck, 8/14, Pine City, MN
3rd in class, 9/14, Bloomington, IL

Pint Size Trump This

Born 12/1/16, twin, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #D1410.  I love my bucks - but this guy even more.  He comes with that special personality that Pint Size goats have AND he's amazingly put together.  Sire:  Pint Size Rocket Man.  Dam:  Pint Size Suki Yaki.  26" tall, 122 lbs on 9/6/18.

Jamcin's First Responder
Born 3/1/13, twin, polled, brown eyes.  MGR #B9211.  It's a delight to see this handsome guy in the buck pen.  Fred was bred and born in Missouri.  Sire:  Well's Code Blue.  Dam:  Spiritwood Ranch Pandora.  27 1/2", 152 lbs on 7/28/18.  Thanks to Cindy Lynn Huggins for the photo on the right!

Green Pastures Chrome Wheels
Chrome is owned by Our Little Acres, Rush City, MN, but lives here at Pine Acres.
Born 2/9/12, disbudded, blue eyes.  MGR #B5247.  Although Chrome isn't ours we may use him occasionally for breeding.  He's a pleasure to have here!  Sire:  Woody Creek Farm Hot Wheels.  Dam:  Moonlight Farms Red Pearl.  137 lbs and 26 1/2" tall on 7/28/18.
Thanks, Connie Graham, for the photo on the left!
Grand Champion Buck, 8/14, Pine City, MN

Jamcin's Packer
Born 3/14/17, twin, disbudded, brown eyes.  MGR #D3161.  Packer has the conformation we love. He's got six Permanent Grand Champions close-up in his pedigree.  Sire: Bakkens' Farm Rolling Thunder.  Dam:  Powerhouse Genetics Bambi.  He was 22" tall and 84 lbs on 7/28/18.

Pine Acres Rock the Boat.  Born 12/27/17, twin, disbudded, blue eyes.  MGR #D5840.  Sire:  Pint Size Trivette.  Dam:  Blueberry Acres Beltrami (daughter of Pine Acres Celebrate)
3rd in class, 6/18, Springfield, IL

DoveStone Farm's Mighty Bright.  Born 2/4/18, twin, disbudded, blue eyes.  MGR #D6139.  Sire:  Libery Hills Color Me Bright.  Dam:  Pine Acres Pennington (Pine Acres Sentinel x Pine Acres Windfall)

Mighty Bright has been sold.