Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

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2019 Breeding Pairs

These are the breedings we've planned for kids due in 2019.  We're expecting colorful kids with great personalities and excellent conformation.  Most will be for sale.  The only buyer waiting list we maintain is for bottle babies.  Contact us now to be put on the bottle baby buyers' list.  Potential buyers for other kids will want to keep an eye on the Goats for Sale page.

Breaker is bred to:

Lula Belle- kidded 3/26/19 - quads

Celebrate (due around April 1)

Pony Girl (due around April 7)

First Responder is bred to:

Numa - kidded 3/20/19 - triplets

Trump is bred to:

Clearwater - kidded 3/9/19 - triplets

Odessy - kidded 3/14/19 - twins

Nicollet - kidded 3/10/19 - twins

Celebrate Me Home (due about May 1)

Packer is bred to:

Winona - kidded 3/12/19 - triplets

Beltrami - kidded 3/26/19 - twins

Rock the Boat (Rocky) is bred to:

Here I Go Again - kidded 3/14/19 - single

Celebrate Me Home (Homey).  Due about April 1.  May kid later bred to Trump.

Mighty Bright is bred to:

Shasta - kidded 3/19/19 - twins

Chrome is bred to:

Amarillo (due about April 1)