Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

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2018 Breeding Pairs

These are the breedings we've planned for kids due in 2018.  We mostly did pen breeding this year so don't have many exact due dates..  We're expecting colorful kids with great personalities and excellent conformation.  Most will be for sale.  The only buyer waiting list we maintain is for bottle babies.  Contact us now to be put on the bottle baby buyers' list.  Potential buyers for other kids will want to keep an eye on the Goats for Sale page.

Breaker is bred to:

Nicollet (kidded 1/15 - single buck)

Dark Side is bred to:

Mulberry (kidded 3/30 - single doe)

Odessy (kidded 4/3 - twins - buck and doe)

Clara (kidded 3/23 - triplet bucks)

Celebrate (kidded 3/21 - single doe)

Whirlwind (kidded 3/19 - twin bucks)

First Responder is bred to:

Shasta (kidded 3/26 - twins - buck and doe)

Numa (kidded 3/24 - triplets - 1 buck, 2 does)

Windfall (kidded 3/28 - triplet bucks)

Winona (kidded 3/15 - twin bucks)

Trivette is bred to:

Beltrami (kidded 12/27/17 - twin bucks)

Clearwater (kidded 3/22 - triplet bucks)

Lindy (kidded 3/27 - triplets - 2 bucks, 1 doe)

We purchased three bred does in late December, 2018.  We're excited to have them and looking forward to their kids, which are due in mid-April.  But as of this date, I have not managed to get photos of them.  The does are:
                    Pine Acres Lula Belle (bred to Green Pastures Chrome Wheels)
                    Little Acres Ebony Rose (bred to Green Pastures Chrome Wheels)
                    Little Acres Pony Girl (bred to Acres of Fun Granite Tombstone)