Pretty Great Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

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Sentinel (Pine Acres Sentinel)

Born 2/10/14, twin, polled, blue eyes.  MGR #C2528.  Sentinel is not only great to look at.  He's among the sweetest goats we've ever had.  Sire:  PGCH Apache Landing Galaxy.  Dam:  Moonlight Farms Mulberry.  26 1/2" tall, 155 lbs on 5/7/17.

Darth (Fern Hill Dark Side)

Born 12/18/14, twin, polled, amber eyes.  MGR #C4369.  Darth is a beautiful animal, plain and simple.  Sire:  2012 National Champion, PGCH Woody Creek Farm Daytona.  Dam:  Fern Hill Silhouette.  Full brother of 2XGCh Fern Hill Dark Knight.  27" tall, 178 lbs on 5/7/17.
Breaker (Pine Acres Breakneck)
Born 2/10/14, triplet, disbudded, amber eyes.  MGR #C2531.  Breaker's hair hides thick muscles.  And a great personality.  Sire:  PGCH Apache Landing Galaxy.  Dam:  ResGrCh Pine Acres Hula.  27" tall, 155 lbs on 5/7/17.
2nd in class (x2), 8/14, Pine City, MN
1st in class, junior champion buck, 8/14, Pine City, MN
3rd in class, 9/14, Bloomington, IL

  F.R. or Fred (Jamcin's First Responder)

Born 3/1/13, twin, polled, brown eyes.  MGR #B9211.  It's a delight to see this handsome guy in the buck pen.  Fred was bred and born in Missouri.  Sire:  Well's Code Blue.  Dam:  Spiritwood Ranch Pandora.  26 1/2", 154 lbs on 5/7/17.  Thanks to Cindy Lynn Huggins for the photo on the right!
Galaxy (PGCH Apache Landing Galaxy)

Galaxy at 9 years old

Galaxy came to us when he was nine years old and we enjoyed his company for nearly three years.  He died in late 2015.  He's still on this page because we're just not ready to let him go yet.  Galaxy was a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to be with.  Thank you, Jan Likens.